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1 Development and validation of iranian children's participation assessment scale (2016). Dr Afsoon Hassani Mehraban
2 Development and Validation of a Persian Version of Dichotic Emotional Word Test (2016). Dr Zahra Jafari
3 Subcortical encoding of speech cues in children with congenital blindness (2016). Dr Zahra Jafari
4 The Effect of Age and History of Recurrent Otitis Media on Dichotic Listening and Verbal Memory in Children (2016). Dr Zahra Jafari
5 The Activation Pattern of Trunk and Lower Limb Muscles in an Electromyographic Assessment; Comparison Between Ground and Treadmill Walking (2016). Dr Mohammad Ali Sanjari
6 The association between fear of falling and quality of life for balance impairments based on hip and ankle strategies in the drug On- and Off-phase of patients with idiopathic Parkinson' disease (2016). Dr Ghorban Taghizadeh
7 The effect of a powered ankle foot orthosis on walking in a stroke subject: a case study (2016). Dr Mohammad Kamali
8 The Effect of Increasing Volume of Exercise on Activation Pattern of Vastus Medialis and Lateralis and its Correlation With Anterior Knee Pain in Karate Elites (2016). Dr Mohammad Ali Sanjari
9 Fatigue Effect on Linear Center of Pressure Measures during Gait in People with Flat Feet (2016). Dr Mohammad Ali Sanjari
10 Relationship between Intelligence Quotient and Musical Ability in Children with Cochlear Implantation (2016). Dr Zahra Jafari
12 The effects of abnormality of cVEMP and oVEMP on rehabilitation outcomes in patients with idiopathic benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (2016). Dr Akram Pourbakht
13 Nonlinear feature extraction for objective classification of complex auditory brainstem responses to diotic perceptually critical consonant-vowel syllables (2016). Dr Akram Pourbakht
14 Orthotic treatment of idiopathic hyperkyphosis with Milwaukee brace (2016). Mahboobeh Mehdikhani
15 The Comparison of Participation in School-Aged Cerebral Palsy Children and Normal Peers: A Preliminary Study (2016). Dr Afsoon Hassani Mehraban
16 Trunk coordination in healthy and chronic nonspecific low back pain subjects during repetitive flexion-extension tasks: Effects of movement asymmetry, velocity and load (2016). Dr Mohammad Ali Sanjari
17 Complexity and variability of the center of pressure time series during quiet standing in patients with knee osteoarthritis (2016). Dr Mohammad Ali Sanjari
18 Comparing the immediate effects of UCBL and modified foot orthoses on postural sway in people with flexible flatfoot (2016). Dr Mohammad Kamali
19 Effect of hindlimb unloading on stereological parameters of the motor cortex and hippocampus in male rats (2016).   Dr Behnoosh Vassaghi Gharamaleki
20 The effect of eight-weeks resistance exercise and Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) suplementation on salivary myostatin and cortisol levels in untrained men (2013).   Dr Behnoosh Vassaghi Gharamaleki
21 Designation and construction of a multi-purpose computer system for amblyopia therapy (2013). Dr Ali Mirzajani
22 The study of diadochokinetic rate in 20-69 year-old Iranian adults (2013). Azar Mehri
23 General Health, Cognitive Health and Auditury Memory in Presrvers Of Holy Quran (2012-2013). Dr Zahra Jafari
24 Electrophysiological study of central auditory system in learning disability (2012-2013). Dr Akram Pourbakht
25 Study of ERP responses in 4-6 year Children with Phonological Disorder (2012-2013). Azar Mehri
26 Comparing effect of ipsilateral low-pass filtered noise on auditory brainstem response evoked by clicks and chirps stimuli in guinea pig (2012-2013).    Mohammad Ebrahim Mahdavi
27 Effect of functional fatigue on center of pressure variables among individuals with flat feet (2012-2013). Dr Mohammad Ali Sanjari
28 Psychomotor Stages and Standardization of two questionarie(SSRSS, S-24 )in Persian, about Negative Attitudes of Adults with Stuttering (2012). Zohreh Arani- Kashani
29 Comparison of verbal fluency performance in bilingual adults (Azari-Kordish- Luri) with Farsi monolinguals (2012). Azar Mehri
30 Test-retest reliability of center of pressure measures of in dynamic task in postural stability in healthy and low back pain subjects (2012). Dr Mohammad Ali Sanjari
31 Comparing effects of transtibial vs transportal techniques of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) surgery on the knee function (2012). Dr Ali Ashraf Jamshidi
32 Lived experience of women with disability ( case study in Tehran) (2012). Dr Mohammad Kamali
33 Normative data for the pyramids and palm trees test in the Persian 20-79 years old adults (2012). Azar Mehri
34 Determining distinctive threshold and duration of muscle activation in rapid elbow movements in various directions considering gravitational effect using surface EMG (2012). Dr Mohammad Ali Sanjari
35 Studying Biased Interpreration of painful facial expression among chronic spinal pain patients before and after routine physiotherapy treatment (2012). Dr Hasan Jafari
36 The conservative procedure to determine uncomfortable loudness levels and auditory dynamic range in normal hearing subjects (2012). Mina Milani
37 Study of Vastus medialis and vatsus lateralis muscles onset time during Movashigery and Zenkotsudachi techniques in national karateka team players (2012). Dr Ali Ashraf Jamshidi
38 Correlation Between Audiometric and Psychoacoustic Results with Quality of Life in Adults with Tinnitus (2012). Elaheh Sadat Shahmiri
39 Speech – Auditory Brainstem Response (S-ABR) in Adults with Congenital Blindness (2012) Dr Zahra Jafari
40 The effect of fatigue on knee Isokinetic parameters (2011). Dr Ali Ashraf Jamshidi
41 Comparison of the test-retest reliability of hip strength measurements using dynamometer fixed to a stable frame versus fixed by hand in female athletes (2011). Narges Meftahi
42 Muscle activation during Isokinetic knee extension in athletes with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (2011). Dr Ali Ashraf Jamshidi
43 The effect of sound conditioning Frequency on tone burst & click ABR thereshold shift in guinea pigs (2011). Dr Akram Pourbakht
44 Design and fabrication of a lower limb torque measurement device and assessment of its repeatability (2011). Dr Mohammad Ali Sanjari
45 Physiological assessment of the saccule in guinea pigs after acoustic trauma (2011). Dr Akram Pourbakht
46 A comparison beween MEM and Nott dynamic retinoscopy for measurement of accommodative responses (2011). Dr Ali Mirzajani
47 Design and fabrication force plate calibration device and assessment of its repeatability (2011). Dr Mohammad Ali Sanjari
48 Comparison analysis of attention allocation to postural control of persons with flat foot and persons with normal foot from linear and non linear dynamical behavior perspective (2011). Ghorban Taghizadeh
49 Isokinetic Exstensor Torque of Hip Joint In Healthy Subject (2011) Dr Ali Ashraf Jamshidi
50 The effects of the lateral wedge insole with and without subtalar strap on dynamic loading of knee in knee osteoarthritis (2011). Dr Mojtaba Kamyab
51 Relation between open and closed kinematic chain assessment of knee strength and functional performance in ACLR patients (2011). Dr Ali Ashraf Jamshidi
52 Study of auditory disorders in patients with degenerative changes of cervical spine (2011). Dr Behnoosh Vassaghi Gharamaleki
53 Verbal fluency test: validity and test-retest reliability (2010). Mona Ebrahimipour
54 The lived experience of individuals with spinal cord injury in using lower limb orthoses (2010) Narges Daneshafrooz
55 A study of longitudinal changes of refractive errors in Iranian non-strabismic children (2010). Dr Ali Mirzajani
56 Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials in guinea pigs (2010). Dr Akram Pourbakht
57 Comperative Evaluation of Story Re-telling in hearing and Hearing-Impaired Children at first class in Primary School (2010). Farnoosh Jarollahi
58 The effect of body position on otoacoustic emission suppression (2010). Dr Akram Pourbakht
59 Processing of Temporal Aspects of Auditory Stimuli in Aged People (2010). Dr Zahra Jafari
60 Effect of vertical prism induced stress on binocular visual evoked potential (2010). Dr Ali Mirzajani