Brain Quick System

 | Post date: 2017/05/22 | 

BRAIN QUICK System is a technology reference point in the field of medical equipment for neurophysiology.


The multi-channel amplifier SD64 has very high input level (25.6 mV), the very high quantization resolution (22 bit) and the possibility to select the sampling rate that makes this amplifier absolutely ideal for scalp recording, intra-cranial depth electrode recording (Stereo EEG) and corticography.

The fibre optic technology for data transmission to the PC guarantee the maximum patient safety and the total absence of artefact even when using very long cables to connect to the recording unit that can be thus positioned in the best possible position. The fibre optic can be connected directly to the headbox or via a thin cable 5 m. long to leave patient more mobility when the patient is "wearing" the headbox on himself.

For more information about the device, please visit the Micromed website.