Ankle Perturbation System

 | Post date: 2017/05/22 | 

Multi-Planar Ankle Perturbation System (APS)

I.R. Patent #31901 The winner of the best research award at the 11th Razi Research Festival on Medical Sciences


A laboratory setup for mechanical simulation of ankle sprain has been made. It consists of three sets (sagittal, frontal, and oblique) of dual-platforms. Each platform is like a trap-door to which the foot of subject is fixed. The perturbation angle is selectable at 10, 20, and 30 degrees. Each platform could be released independently form the pneumatic control panel by the examiner at a proper time. Onset of the platform tilt and EMG of muscles are directed to a real-time integrated hardware/software system for signal conditioning, data acquisition, and post processing. The preliminary results from the software are sequence of activation and of muscles and latencies of responses.